Bitcoin ATMs by Bitcoiniacs

Posted By | 14 October, 2023

The PlanetariYum is proud to be home to two Bitcoin ATMs by Bitcoiniacs, a safe and trusted Canadian cryptocurrency exchange company.

Have you ever been curious about purchasing Bitcoin? While cryptocurrency is a very volatile form of currency — which means you don't want it to be your sole way of trying to invest your hard-earned money — using a Bitcoin ATM makes it very easy and convenient to transfer money into a digital wallet.

We offer two bitcoin ATMs at our location. One supports two-way transactions, which means you can also withdraw bitcoin back into Canadian currency at any time.  Both machines accept $20, $50 and $100 Canadian bills for purchasing.

Come on by and check them out. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have, and assist you with using the machines. We can also help you to learn about, recognize and avoid losing your hard-earned money to common scam techniques that are prevalent these days. Be safe, be vigilant, and start building your Bitcoin balance today. It can be very rewarding, when done with care and patience.